One of the things I love about drag, in general, and RuPaul’s Drag Race in particular, are the fat drag queens.

They are everything – they can be hilarious, they can be gorgeous, they can be whatever they can imagine.

And they always celebrate themselves.

We should all take a page from their book – especially fat folk.

Don’t let society tell you who or what you are supposed to be!

Be who and what you want!

And do it with a firm attitude of FUCK YOU!

Dare someone to tell you that you really shouldn’t wear something like that!

Be creative!

Take joy in showing the world how wonderful you are.

Season 10, Episode 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The Queens are split into teams of three to create panels in the style of those presented at DragCon – We have Team Face, Team Hair and Team Body.

You would think that being drag, Team Face and Team Hair would have been amaze-balls.  So much more to talk about with makeup and hair techniques.

But no … Team Body rocked it.

Three Queens with very different body types, one being Eureka, a very fat Queen.

All they had to talk about was their own bodies and padding.

How could that be interesting?

What they discussed was how to use what you got to your own advantage and how to create illusions using padding.

Have no waist?  Then make the bottom and top bigger – voila, you have a waist!


Have a flat chest?

Add padding – or not!

It’s all good!

It’s about creating a look.

A look that makes you, in that moment, happy.

It’s about using the body you have, enjoying it, having fun with it, and experimenting!

This is body positivity at its best!

Were Here

And now, Eureka O’Hara is one of the stars of HBO’s new series We’re Here!  Yay Eureka!


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