I am pretty good at crochet.

I am so-so with knitting.

I can knit, but it takes a lot of concentration.

I find knitting requires a level of meticulousness that is not relaxing enough to enjoy.

Here’s my rule of thumb –

If you make a mistake knitting, you have a hole in your project.

If you make a mistake crocheting, you might have a hole but it doesn’t matter, because crochet is basically all holes.

And that is why I prefer crocheting – it’s way more forgiving.

My Grandma Harris taught me how to do all the domestic stuff when I was about 6 or 7, when we lived with her (after my Mom’s divorce and my Grandfather’s death).

She taught me how to hand sew, embroider; knit and crochet.

Those skills have stayed with me my whole life.

I did quite a bit of crocheting over the years, but I only had two knitting projects, and I only have a photo of one.

I made a sweater for a child with a lion on it.

Then I made the same sweater, only I made it my size with a bear on it; and I made it with the bear’s backside on the back of the sweater.

I don’t remember who got the child’s sweater.

Someone with a child, I can only assume.

I wore my sweater for many years.

It was fucking adorable but it was way too warm for Southern California.

I think I finally gave it to Good Will or something.

Wish I had a picture of my sweater, but you’ll just have to imagine it from the little version.

Will I ever take up the knitting needles again?

Don’t know; but I ain’t dead yet.

So anything is possible.

Whether it’s likely – that’s another question.


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