I know most of our days are spent screaming WTF at our local news sources as frustrating and confusing reports on COVID-19 continue to flood the news.

But not all WTF’s are COVID-19-centric.

Like my WTF – it’s merely COVID-19 adjacent.

Every year, over Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I attend a local science fiction convention called BayCon.

(We enjoy BayCon because it is a chance to see friends that we never see otherwise; and because BayCon, unlike some conventions, is very diverse in its programming – they have a gaming track, a writing track, an art track, a costuming track, a crafting track, etc.  BayCon touches on all kinds of science fiction/fantasy creativity – writing, art, music, anime, TV, movies; plus some hard science to keep us all grounded.)

Anyhow, BayCon moved, some years ago, to the San Mateo Marriott.

Not my favorite hotel (note my blog post about it last year); but we go where BayCon goes.

We sign up for BayCon early and we make our hotel reservations early.

So imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail from Marriott telling me our reservation had been cancelled!


Of course, my first thought is that BayCon has been canceled (because of COVID-19).

But then I get an e-mail from BayCon assuring me that BayCon is still happening and Marriott fucked up and canceled ALL the BayCon hotel reservations!

Well, fuck.

Now I no longer feel very special – I’m just one of ALL the BayCon reservations.

Then we get an e-mail from a guy at the Marriott, saying he was the one who canceled the reservations and apologizing and promising he’d get it all sorted out immediately.


Stupid Guy at Marriott; I guess I accept your apology.

But WTF?

How do you cancel hundreds of reservations by accident?

You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you Stupid Guy at Marriott?

A week has gone by, and I have gotten no notification that my reservation has been reinstated.


I e-mail Stupid Guy at Marriott.

He replies, saying he’s still working on it.


If it’s that easy to cancel all those reservations, why isn’t it just as simple to reinstate them?

Also, may I suggest that Marriott put somebody other than Stupid Guy at Marriott in charge of this particular project?

Just saying.

sgm fix

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