Some of the studies I see are just so fucking obvious, I have to wonder why did we need a study about this?

There’s this one:

Appearance-related teasing and substance use during early adolescence.

Can you guess what they found?

Come on.  You know the answer to this one.

There is an association between appearance-related teasing and early use of alcohol and cannabis by adolescents.

And can you guess who is most affected?

Did you guess fat girls?

Because I did, and I was right!

Imagine that.

Somebody give me some funding and I’ll tell you all kinds of obvious things about being a fat kid, a fat teen, and a fat adult.

For fuck’s sake.

Guess what?  It hurts to be teased and bullied about your looks and/or your weight.

It hurts anytime, but as we head into puberty these feelings can become overwhelming.

Alcohol and cannabis can make you feel better or at least deaden the pain.

So big surprise, the group of people most targeted for this kind of abuse are also the group most likely to find some way to self-medicate the pain away.

I know it’s data, and I like to believe that it is the overwhelming scientific evidence about the damage caused by society’s hatred and fear of fat people that is leading to some changes in the discourse.

But can we take some of this money and stop doing stupid studies and spend it on finding a way to make fat discrimination unacceptable in our society?

This is the kind of shit that makes me roll my eyes out loud!



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