I live in the “Bay Area”.

The bay in question being the San Francisco Bay.

(As opposed to the Saginaw Bay, which is the bay of Bay City where I grew up.)

As you may have read, this area is getting some cases of COVID-19.

This doesn’t really surprise me given the international diversity of this area.

An internationally diverse population, including many international visitors, business people, with folks traveling to and from regions that have had outbreaks of COVID-19.  Colleges and universities.  International sea ports and airports.

We have it all.

My life is mostly unaffected by the virus.

My husband and I mostly work from home.

So our chances of being exposed to the virus are very low.

Our only current plan to venture out into the wild and woolly world is the 2020 Contact/Cultures of the Imagination

For a number of years, I have run registration for this conference.

I had it down to an art.

I needed to have it down to an art because the (mostly old white men) who run the conference tend to be disorganized, to the extreme.

For the last few years, I have been threatening to stop volunteering.

But my husband likes attending the conference, and running reg means I can be there without actually attending the conference.

Plus, like I said, I have it down to an art, so … why not make myself useful?

This year (the conference is now every 2 years) there was a change in who was organizing the conference.

The gentleman who usually did it has (mostly) bowed out.  (Something he has been threatening to do for a while – no surprise, given his age, the fact that he is a reasonably successful author, and he and his wife like to travel.)

So now I have to deal with the head hoo-ha – the most disorganized one of all.

All kinds of changes on how the conference was going to be run – but I was assured that all of these changes would mean less work for me and everything would be so much easier.


It has been a nightmare.

Not only is the head hoo-ha unable to answer the most basic questions (he’s a big-picture kind of guy, Lord (that I don’t believe in) help me), he is petulant when he is asked to provide necessary information.

The conference this year is scheduled to be held at NASA Ames – a place where the conference used to be held some years ago.


There are certain (extra) issues that arise due to the venue – like NASA Ames wants to know who is on the base at all times; and there is paperwork for any foreign nationals; and the banquet (usually catered at the venue) needed to be offsite – and of course, this information came to me in dribs-and drabs – requiring me to send out multiple notices to the attendees.

And then, last night, I got an e-mail from the hoo-ha.

NASA Ames had been asking that, because of the corona virus outbreak, conferences on the base be canceled.  A request, apparently, our group was not willing to consider.

Yesterday – first confirmed case of COVID-19 at NASA Ames.

The base is officially shut down – as is our conference!

This is going to mean an additional shit ton of work for me as I will have to contact all of the attendees and arrange for refunds.

That is, I’ll have to deliver the info on how to get a refund (since I don’t actually handle the money).

I’ll have to deliver the info on how to get a refund, if and when I can squeeze that info out of the hoo-ha.

Wish me luck.

Oh, and once that is done – so am I.

angry computer

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