Anybody else watch Daybreak on Netflix?

I have to say, I really really liked it.

I loved that they kept switching up the genre style for each episode.

For those that haven’t seen it yet – it’s an after the apocalypse show, where only teens survive unchanged.

So imagine if the whole world was high school?

Talk about your horror shows, right?

Funny.  Clever.  And they even pull the heartstrings from time to time.

Then I watched RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

Wow, was I surprised at how basic the UK drag scene is.

You would think with the long history of music hall and panto that they would have a lock on this.  Not so much.

But it was interesting and a fun watch.

And now I’m back with the pros – RuPaul’s Drag Race (the most recent season).

I have to admit I love RuPaul.

(You want to hear something interesting?  Listen to Michael Moore’s podcast Rumble – where he talks with RuPaul about politics.)

I know Mama Ru has had run ins with the trans community, but I think, if nothing else, she is all about love and acceptance – and learning.

I love this RuPaul quote (from 2017):

“Each of us are in drag.  You’re born naked; the rest is drag.”

So I’m loving Drag Race – I’d love to watch older seasons, but bitch is charging for them!


Uh-uh.  I love RuPaul but I am not paying for old seasons.

And just in case you think I haven’t gotten enough RuPaul, I also watched AJ and the Queen on Netflix.

Starring – you guessed it – RuPaul.

RuPaul is not a great actor; but she is sincere and that comes across when it counts.

The show is right out of Hallmark Channel – with all the sappiness that implies.

I especially love the best friend, played by Michael-Leon Wooley (as a fat blind drag queen – Cocoa Butter).  The other supporting characters are pretty great too.

And it’s nice to see RuPaul actually do some drag beyond standing in a gorgeous dress and saying, “Let the best woman win.”

So, I’m having a RuPaul kind of winter so far.

Makes me want to slap on some false eyelashes, paint my mouth on extra big and go flaunt it somewhere!

AJ & Daybreak


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