Sorry I disappeared.

We were on vacation – at a place that had no internet and no cell service.

Okay – we could have internet for an additional $50 for the week – with no guaranty what it would be like because the vendor was not through the place we were staying.  And my husband had some limited phone service because his work pays for an extra-special super-duper service.

Anyhow – we’re back, unpacked, and laundry is done.

The cats are even done bitching at us for abandoning them (to the care of our wonderful petsitter – but you know how cats are).

I’ll tell you one thing.  I have a greater appreciation of the Tesla.

We were able to go sit in the car and watch Netflix on the Tesla screen!

How cool is that?

It was wonderful – for awhile.

We plugged the Tesla into an outside plug on our unit – not quick charging but in dribs and drabs it was doing the job.

Then we were told we’re not allowed to do that.

To charge the car, we were supposed to go downtown Point Arena (a booming metropolis of 453 people) – and, no surprise, this was not a supercharger – but it was quicker than being plugged into our unit, just not as handy.

We were at this resort before (GEVC Lighthouse Pointe) and liked it pretty well.

However, our previous stay was not a full week.

In my opinion, a full week is several days too much.

There is just nothing to do – at least, nothing I want to do.

I have to admit some of my bitches are my own fault.

I should have brought stuff to keep myself amused (and God (that I don’t believe in) knows, I am easily amused).

I didn’t.

I could have paid $50 and taken my chances on the internet connection.

I didn’t.

I don’t like doing too much cooking (and clean up) while on vacation, and I ended up cooking every meal but one.

My choice – my fault.

However, much of what I brought was microwavable; but many of my planned meals required microwaving part of the meal and cooking the rest in an oven.

What could go wrong with that?

A combination convection oven / microwave.

First, the convection oven did not operate according to the provided directions – so I had to go back and step by step back through that, and find where the instructions said one thing and the oven told me something different – and figure out which one was right.

Second, bake something in the convection oven – you have to wait until the fucker cools down before you can microwave something.

Or microwave first, and then let that get cold while the rest of the meal bakes.

Either way, something is not going to be served piping hot.

There is a little diner attached to the resort, but it is only open 8 am to 2 pm.

Not very helpful with breakfast and lunch not being the most time consuming and cleanup generating meals of the day.

So I was bored and cranky.

Poor husband.

Poor husband actually likes this resort.

Poor husband likes to take walks and go exploring.

Bored and cranky wife hates walking.

(However, I do like reading and I got a lot of that done because (happily) I had downloaded a bunch of stuff onto my Kindle before we left home.)

Now that I’ve had a chance to cool down – and put things in perspective – I don’t see why we can’t go to this place again.

It’s fairly handy and the husband loves it, and I just need to find ways to keep myself entertained – and plan meals all microwavable or all oven-able or we go out to eat – though choices are limited pretty much to Point Arena because this is a very secluded and remote area.

I will say this – the beds were super soft – something I usually eschew, but these things were sooooo comfy.

Mostly because it was like sleeping in a hammock – your body was cradled in the mattress and deterred from moving – makes for a very sound sleep.

So I guess next time, I could crawl into that comfy bed and just stay there for a week!


My Next Vacation Plan


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