I have spent the last week catching up on a couple favorite shows that have new episodes on Netflix –Grace and Frankie and Sex Education.

I spend a lot of time, while I am watching Grace and Frankie, boggled by how great Jane Fonda still looks.  Actually both she and Lily Tomlin look pretty terrific.

Not finding the storylines very compelling though.

And Sex Education is just a wonder and a joy to watch.

The problems are all so real – and when looked at from the perspective of the teenage world – so important.

I am guessing that it is on purpose, but I find it interesting that the adults in the show never really seem to change much, while the teens are constantly discovering and embracing new things about themselves and others.

It makes me sad to think that adults can’t (or won’t) change; that we are stuck in our same old same old.

Maybe that’s true for a lot of adults – but I don’t think it’s true for everyone.

I still learn things about myself.

I am usually either appalled or tickled.

But I also understand – there is a comfort in remaining in your rut after a certain age.

I mean – we each have only so many years left – why not just snuggle in and stay comfy?

If only I didn’t find new thoughts and ways of looking at things so interesting.


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