First off, I know, WTF? It’s almost Thursday.

Fuck you, it took almost all day for me to find something to be pissed off about!

As you may know, Microsoft no longer is supporting its Window 7 products.

It will no longer give you technical assistance or software updates.

Windows 7 was released in 2009 and Microsoft agreed to support it for 10 years, and that time period has expired.

First, in 10 years, wouldn’t you think Microsoft could have worked out all the fucking bugs in Windows 7 – so that software updates would no longer be required?

Just saying.

But that’s okay, you might say.  I have Windows and Office 2010.

Nope.  That support ends in October of this year.

So what are we supposed to do?

I’ll tell you.

We’re all supposed to go out and get Office 365.

Basically – rent your Microsoft programs.

Pay them annually, and Microsoft will make sure your programs are the latest and greatest.


Since when has Microsoft’s latest product ever been its greatest?

Yes, you can still buy your Microsoft programs – but there are no upgrade options – the only option is hand over another fistful of cash.

Or hand over a slightly smaller fistful of cash on a periodic basis.

As I understand it (and I understand very little of it), currently, for Home Office 365, the current subscription rate is $99; to buy the current version of Home Office is $149.

But if the latest version of Home Office is total shit (and we all know how crappy new versions of Office are) – there is nothing to do but wait until next year and buy the next one, and hope and pray it is better than the last one.

But here’s my biggest problem with upgrades.  I mainly use Microsoft Word, but I am sure this problem transfers to the other programs as well.

Somewhere in Word, Microsoft saves all those little short cuts you create to customize the program to work exactly the way you want it.

And let’s be clear it is not easy to set up any Microsoft program to work the way you want it to work; because Microsoft wants to “help” and Microsoft “help” means the program will work the way Microsoft wants it to work and fuck you if you don’t like it that way.

I am not talking about templates – I know where they hide the templates.

I mean my Autocorrect and my Quick Parts – stuff like that.

You know those files have to exist somewhere on your computer; and yet you cannot find them – Microsoft hides them from you and will not divulge where they live.

It’s like a witness protection program for computer files.

So every fucking time your computer gets upgraded, even the times when you are promised that your customization files will be unaffected, everything goes back to default and you lose everything.

So I know if I have to buy a whole new program of Office, I will be losing all that stuff.

But if I have to subscribe – does that mean I’ll lose that stuff every time Microsoft decides they want to fuck with my leased program?

I really don’t want to be at the mercy of Microsoft for anything.

This is all making my fat old lady brain hurt.

I am too old to have to be thinking about shit like this.

FUCK YOU Microsoft for making my computer even more confusing and stressful.

All I want to do is type my fucking blog – and keep some databases – and my photos – and  music – and everything else in my life; because face it, we keep our lives on our computers now.

Mama, mama, make it stop.



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