Specifically, thank you, to Benadryl.

OMG.  I don’t know where I would be without Benadryl.

Buried under a mountain of snot, I suppose.

I don’t remember having any allergies (outside of bug bites – which I still have) when I lived in Michigan.

Moved to California and they just keep getting worse and worse.

And you never have a cold snowy winter to kill everything off, so you never get a break.

There is always something blooming that wants to aggravate my mucus membrane.

I have tried many drugs, but the one that I can always depend on is Benadryl.

Yes, it makes me sleepy.

I don’t care.

I am always down for a good nap.

Especially one that involves being able to breathe.

Did you know it was good for nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness?

Me either.

Is there nothing that this wonder drug can’t do?

Many a good time has been ruined by my penchant for motion sickness.

And not just ruined for me.

Motion sickness seldom waits to strike where there are no witnesses to share in the moment when you helplessly have to give yourself over to gastric ejaculation.

But I am now off topic.

This is about snot prevention not puke prevention.

And I can only personally attest to Benadryl’s efficacy in drying up my allergy ravaged sinuses.

I’m just saying – good stuff.


When you feel that sneeze coming …

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