It is certainly up to the individual, but I get so  (emotionally) tired of seeing photos of fat people trying to look thin.

It makes me sad.

I am sad that you don’t love your round fat face the way I love seeing it.

I am sad that you only feel beautiful when trying to look thinner than you are.

I am sad that you don’t embrace yourself as you are.

But to be clear, you are not responsible for my sadness.  I am responsible for my own feelings – I am just sharing those feelings with you.

I used to jut out my chin to try to deny my double chin.

Or artfully, place my chin on my hand.

But no longer.

Fuck it.

I am who I am.

I want photos to resemble me.

The me you and I know.

I had a headshot photographer offer to take my picture so that no one would ever know I have a double chin.

I respectfully declined.

I told him that I didn’t want people coming out after the show and looking at lobby shots wondering where the fuck is the picture of that terrific fat lady?

I love my fat face.

I have spent many hours in front of a mirror, making faces at myself, and enjoying all the things this fat face can express!

I have only one word of caution about being photographed while fat –

If you tilt your head to one side (or the other) all the fat travels to one side of your face, and you end up looking like John McCain.

Nothing wrong with that, if you are John McCain.

Or if you want to look like John McCain.

Just saying.



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