I’m not a fanatic like some people, but a holiday that involves candy and dressing up is going to go on my “it’s a goodness” list.

One thing for many fat people, though, is the dressing up part.

Most of the packaged Halloween costumes are not going to fit us.

I am glad that some companies have increased their size range – somewhat.

But they are not going to have anything that will even come close to covering this fat old lady’s ass.

So what’s a fat Halloween fan to do?

Well, first, there are some online places that have options, like – which carries costumes up to a 9X!

Or you can just get clever about it.

There are plenty of places to get ideas – try Pinterest!  You’ll disappear down that rabbit hole for hours!

The craft store Michael’s is your friend!

Got a skirt and matching jacket – go get some fake birds to sew on your outfit and go as Tippy Hendren in the The Birds!

Get some Zombie make-up and any outfit will do!

Another big help is if you can sew!

I was lucky enough to have Home Ec still taught when I was in Jr. High, and thereafter, my sewing skills have grown – I can take a child’s costume pattern and turn it into a pattern that will fit a grown man:


Here are some of the costumes I have made (for myself and others) over the years:


There was a pattern for the grape costumes, but I had to totally create the apple costume!


Another one I had to sew by hand.  I seem to still be in the pom-pom phase!



And now, I feel I need to start going through old photos and scanning because there are some doozies missing from my data base!

And lastly, here is my entry for the cleverest couple’s costume with the least amount of effort from this year –



5 thoughts on “THIS FAT OLD LADY’S FAT FRIDAY – FAT HALLOWEEN I like Halloween – a lot.

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  2. Love the costumes. Halloween is the only holiday I like & I am a fanatic, I must admit. My hobbit hole here in the living is Halloween year round. Enjoy.

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