So far, in this long and varied life of mine, I have not suffered too much trouble with my knees.

(Please, everyone reading this, knock on wood.)

Kind of surprising, because bad knees run in my family – on my Dad’s side.

Lucky for this fat old lady, I take after my Mom’s side of the family.

My Mom’s side of the family is fatter but our knees are better.

So, I, personally, don’t actually have any skin in this game.

But I feel it is an excellent example about how fat people suffer from medical bias and how that bias actually makes things a lot worse.

Many fat people, for one reason or another, would benefit greatly from knee replacement surgery.

Research is showing, more and more, that fat people do fine with this type of surgery – at least, no worse than not-fat people.

And yet, most surgeons refuse to even consider this treatment unless the fat person loses weight.

Often, a great deal of weight.

This makes no sense.

It is well known, that while a fat person may be able to lose a great deal of weight, their chances of keeping it off are almost nil, and often, they will end up fatter than they started.

It’s so well-known and the science is so clear on this, even the medical establishment is starting to realize it is true.

So, if the idea is that the new knees will be negatively impacted by carrying extra weight, there is no known way to keep that weight off over the long term, except possibly through WLS (weight loss surgery) – and that comes with a whole laundry list of other problems, and can also include weight regain.

What can help fat people’s health (with or without weight loss) is exercise.

Exercise – as in movement – as in mobility.

What is one thing that can reduce or even eliminate the ability to move?

Excruciating knee pain.

What can you do about excruciating knee pain?

Get knee replacement surgery.

What if the knee replacement is good for a little less time?

So the fuck what?

You are denying someone surgery that can vastly improve their life and health.

You don’t deny someone cancer surgery because the cancer may come back.

You don’t deny someone migraine treatment because they’ll probably have another migraine.

Hell, you don’t even deny someone WLS just because there is a (substantial) risk the weight might come back.

Then we’re told it’s risky to put a fat person under general anesthesia – maybe.

But, in this case, you don’t have to!  Do a spinal.  This is the perfect kind of surgery for that kind of anesthesia.

I thought the Hippocratic oath was “First do no harm.”

Well, how are you doing no harm by denying a relatively safe, well-known surgery that will positively impact their life to a person just because they are fat?

It’s time the fat-bias of the medical establishment stop holding fat people’s health hostage.



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