I usually really like the 4th of July.

Not this year.

I love the United States.

There are so many wonderful things that this country and its people have to offer.

However, we seem to have become a country of too much hate, fear and cruelty.

I am not pointing fingers at anyone.  I have my opinions; I am sure you have yours.

But this makes me sadder than you can imagine.

However, the wonderful and talented photographer Steve Stubbs posted a photo from the 2017 production of 1776 (gender neutral casting) where I was honored to play Ben Franklin.

This show speaks to me.

It is about a group of men who came together, each with their own priorities and belief systems, and still were able to accomplish something important and meaningful.

I am glad that our government is now more diverse.  I will be happier when it is even more diverse.

I will be happier still when they set their differences aside and learn to work together for the people of this country in a way that we can all, once again, be proud of.