First, big WTF Microsoft.  I just wrote this post and Word ate it when I went to save it.


As I have previously blogged, my dentist told me I was grinding my teeth (which I think is a perfectly natural reaction to the current political climate in the US).

So he prescribed me a nightguard.

I tried the nightguard and it resulted in really bad jaw pain.

So when I went to have my teeth cleaned, I made an appointment to have the nightguard adjusted.

In the meantime, I kept forgetting to use the nightguard, so I could pinpoint exactly where the pain was coming from and what was causing it.

But two nights before my appointment, I tried it – and it no longer hurts.

WTF?  (The second in this series of WTFs.)

At this point, it’s too late to cancel the appointment, without having to pay for it.  So I decided to go in anyway and give the dentist the good news face-to-face.

Only, it turns out there is also a tooth that the hygienist says needed checking (she is SUCH a tattletale).

And it turns out I have a cavity and I need a filling.


(I hate surprises.)

So since my nightguard is now apparently working, my dentist decides to fix the cavity.

He offers me nitrous, which I refuse.

As I previously blogged, I have big issues (originally stemming from a dentist visit when I was but a wee child, scarring me for life) with anything being placed over my face so I feel like I can’t breathe.

So, that’s a HELL no to the nitrous.

So it’s a needle full of Novocaine for me.

And for once, the precursor Q-tip full of goo actually did it’s job and numbed me up enough so that the needle did not hurt!

And the dentist drilled out and filled the cavity in about 5 minutes, tops!

So where is the final WTF in this?

As I’m leaving, I stopped to chat with the hygienist (to tell her fuck you for ratting me out), and I realize I’m talking funny.

Well, of course, I am, I have a lip full of Novocaine.

But that wasn’t quite it.

I reach into my mouth and find that the dental assistant has left one of those cotton logs tucked up in my cheek.


(Okay, maybe just wtf, but still.)

I’m looking at this thing, and the hygienist is looking at this thing, and I’m asking …

They’re supposed to remove this right?  Right?  RIGHT?

Oh well, at least, I didn’t go all day with this little treasure in my cheek.

And the tooth got fixed quickly and painlessly.

But still … I HATE surprises.

Now, I’m going to try to drink some coffee without drooling it all over myself.


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