Actually, it’s all about our cat Leo.

Our 12-year-old brown tabby Leo went to the vets on Saturday.

Nothing major, just he hadn’t been in over a year, and had a bunch of little things going on.  He eats well, plays with Murphy, drinks plenty of water (but not a scary amount).

Turns out he has lost 2 pounds.

Not good, but not too worrisome – yet.

He has been having some diarrhea, but it’s been getting better – slowly.

He throws up a lot; but he has always thrown up a lot (mostly in our shoes – little f*cker).

He throws up because (a) he tends to get over excited about food now and then and swallows it whole; and (b) he grooms himself and his little “brother” Murphy – so hairballs.

He snores.

A lot.

And very loudly – like you can hear him in the next room.

This does not worry the vet.

And he has a mild infection in his ears.


We have a full senior cat bloodwork and urine run on him.

I’m supposed to try to grab some Leo poop to be analyzed.

And he is supposed to take some probiotics and ear drops.

Now, Mochi (my fluffy little ball of f*ck you, R.I.P.) was on probiotics.

I just mixed it with some baby food or Fancy Feast broth and down it went.

No problem.

Then there’s Leo.

I guess Mochi ate the stuff because, for whatever reason, her smeller wasn’t working so good.

Leo’s smeller is just fine.

And he says, “Nope.  No thank you.  Not going to eat that stuff.”

I have tried both baby food and broth.

Next try will be some fancy (hopefully smellier than probiotics) cat food.

F*cking cat.



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