I do my grocery shopping once a week.

I select the recipes I’m planning on using during the week and make my shopping list accordingly.

Yeah, I’m a little anal like that.

And since I work part time, I can do my shopping during the morning.

That’s thoughtful, right?

Not tying up the grocery lines during peak busy times?

And I also am aware that most of the other people shopping when I do don’t usually have a lot of groceries.

So I try to let them go ahead of me.

However, after I’ve emptied my whole cart, the time to get ahead of me has passed.

Sorry.  Not sorry.

Oh, and for some reason, my grocery store seldom has more than one regular check out lane open during the morning.  If it gets busy, they are pretty good about calling another checker up front.

AND, there is self-check for 15 items or less, and they always have someone standing there to help you if you can’t figure it out. BUT you cannot buy alcohol in the self-check.

So today, I unload my cart, and this lady comes up behind me with a few items.

Then a guy comes behind her, and yells, “Hey, could you get another checker up here?  I don’t have all day.  I only have a half hour for lunch.”

I’m ready to tell bozo to go use the self-check lane, and I see why he can’t.  He’s buying a sandwich and two big cans of beer.


If you weren’t planning on having a couple of big ol’ brewskis on your lunch (half) hour dude, you wouldn’t have to stand in line.  Would you?

Just sayin’.

They opened a lane so ass hat could get on with his day drinking.

Saw him in the parking lot, working on shifting around the construction equipment in his truck.

Oh boy.

Glad I’m not having any construction work done this afternoon.


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