fat one

What is The Fat One?

It’s a YouTube rom-com series about a fat woman  (Kate) – not plump, curvy, or fluffy – fat.

The Fat One – Episode 1 – The “F” Word

She has friends and experiences – friends that aren’t perfect looking or acting (you know, like real people), experiences that are embarrassing, funny, uncomfortable (you know, like real life).

It’s a YouTube show so they can (and do) address topics without the gloss and banality of Hollywood.

Each episode is about 6-7 minutes long.  So you can binge watch it with a minimum of effort and time commitment.

The main character, Kate, is someone many fat women can relate to; as she is not terribly comfortable in her own body and she is not even comfortable with the word fat; but she is looking for a man who will love her for who she is, as she is.


Each episode begins with a series of characters making the kind of statements fat people hear every day from friends and family.  In the context of the show, the thoughtlessness and sometimes cruelty of these statements are highlighted.

I have to admit I do not see a lot of myself in Kate.  I am more like the character dubbed “the Gross One” – also fat, but comfortable with the word fat and sexuality and with a mouth on her.  But I find Kate’s journey intriguing and it seems to mirror some of the things I hear in the fat community about fat women trying to find relationships.

Kate is pretty clear about what she wants and what she doesn’t want and she does not settle.  So she is impressive in that she has a clear knowledge of her own self-worth as a woman.

So give it a shot.  It’s only 6 minutes an episode.  And I hope you are intrigued enough to stick with it because some episodes aren’t as good as others, and I felt it took a couple of episodes to hit its stride.  But I do think it is worth some time.

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