cowcow flamingo

(No, this is not me in my new dress – I can’t send pictures of me to my e-mail with my phone, and my husband is out for a walk, and I just don’t feel like waiting before I post this.)

As all fat people know, finding cute and stylish clothing is a problem.  But trying to find cute and stylish clothing when you are into the “super sizes” is even more of a challenge.

Fortunately for me, my dear husband likes to watch video blogs of lovely fat ladies who are showing off clothing, and when he spots something cute or that he particularly likes, he lets me know.

This is how I found CowCow.  Adorable skater dresses in the most amazing fabric patterns.  But they only go up to a 3x (which is fine for a lot of people, but not this fat old lady’s fat old ass – or so I thought).

The vlogger who posted about CowCow is not a petite princess either, and she was able to wear the dress with no problem.  So at less than $20 a dress (phenomenal price for fat lady dresses), I figured I’d give it a try.

I am one happy fat old lady, wearing my FUCKING ADORABLE flamingo skater dress.  This material stretches for days and because the skirt is full, the only part that it clings to are my humungo boobies – and I’m fine with that.

It is soooooo comfortable (especially in our current hot weather); but short – like show your short and curlies short (for those of you that still sport short and curlies).  But I just paired it with a pair of white shorts and I’m good to go.

And my husband is very happy because he finds this style of dress very sexy.  (Whoo-hoo.)

So I have been on Amazon and got a couple more of these cute little dresses.  I figure they’ll also pair up well with little shrug sweaters too, so I view these as year-round wearable.  And the selection of fabric is amaze-balls.  And if you are smaller than a 3x, they carry the same selection of fabrics made into all manner of clothing – skirts, leggings, bathing suits, etc. up to a 2x.

Of note, I found that buying CowCow clothing on Amazon is actually CHEAPER than buying it directly from the CowCow website.  Go figure.

So you might want to check out CowCow and see if this is for you.

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