I belong to MyPoints.  They send you e-mail ads.  (I’ll explain about MyPoints later in this post.)

The subject line for this one was

Today Only! Shop the philosophy collection at QVC.

I’m thinking on the lines of Nietzsche or metaphysics.

Imagine my disappointment when I find it is a line of skincare products.


I realized that I had heard of this line of products, but it is just not where my brain is wired to go when I hear a Philosophy collection is for sale.

And I’m okay with that.

(And as promised, here’s the deal with MyPoints – they send you e-mail ads, and with many of them all you have to do is click on the “get points” box (which takes you to the advertiser’s site), exit the site (without having to buy anything) and you just got some points.  If you buy stuff from their advertisers (and there are plenty) you can get points for every dollar spent.  They also have surveys where if you are not accepted (which happens to me because I am of an age where nobody really cares what this fat old lady thinks) you get 10 points, and if you are accepted, you will earn a lot more points.

And what can you do with all those points?

Redeem them – for stuff like gift cards to restaurants, iTunes,, and lots more.

I’ve used mine to pay for a Costco membership!

You’re going to get ad e-mails anyhow, for a little bit of trouble, you can earn points for something you deal with anyhow.

Just saying.

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