almighty johnsons

Well, maybe not religion but I sure am a fan of a bunch of gods I found on NetFlix.

Just finished watching the New Zealand TV series The Almighty Johnsons, and oh my do I love it.  For the accents, if nothing else.

But there’s a lot more to love than just those fabulous accents.  Many years ago the Norse gods fled Norway and ended up in New Zealand, where their descendants still live, inheriting the powers of the god who is reincarnated in them on their 21st birthday.  The powers are much reduced in strength though until Odin finds his goddess Frig.

And let the hilarity ensue.

Okay, maybe not hilarity; but a lot of it is damn funny.  And there’s a lot of sex going on too because – gods, you know?  So lots of goddess boobs and god butts to ogle; and I did mention the accents, right?

I had no idea there was such a pantheon of Norse gods and goddesses.  I mean, you can’t seem to swing a cat without running into a new one.

It’s on NetFlix streaming, so you don’t even have to wait for a disk to arrive.

I declare The Almighty Johnsons to be thoroughly binge-worthy.

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