bullet dodge


Okay.  Not a bullet.

A show.

Being cast in a show.

First, I hope nobody thinks this is sour grapes.  Because it truly is not.  I would have been honored to have been cast in this show, and the people who were cast are fabulously talented and will be fabulous in the show.

What show?

City of Angels.

I have always wanted to sing in the quartet that is sort of the Greek chorus throughout the show.  Think Manhatten Transfer type vocalizations.

Hot music.

I auditioned.  I got called back.  I got the music to learn for the call backs.

I realized that this music while not beyond my abilities – was teetering right on the edge.

Yes, I could have done it.  But it would have taken a TON of work on my part, and caused a TON of stress in my life.

Stress I really don’t need.

I can honestly say, I was relieved to see that I was not cast.

I can honestly say, I should not have auditioned for this show.

I can honestly say, I am honored simply to have been considered for this show

And they made the right decision.

Soooooo right.

But they probably know that. (Okay, they obviously know that.)

I will miss working with some wonderful people.

But there are other shows.  Shows that are more suitable to my skill set, my energy level, and my comfort zone.

And I had fun auditioning.  I had fun at the call backs.  And I learned stuff about myself.

All wins!!!

Now, if anyone from the City of Angels quartet is reading this – WTF are you doing?  You have a SHIT TON of music to learn.

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