rain feet

I am sitting here bundled in my sweater, wearing long pants and socks on my feets; and I’m still a little bit chilly.

It is that most wonderful time of the year here in Northern California.  When the temps drop to the low 60s, and the rain has started.  Ahhhhhhh.

So it’s (mostly) too warm to turn on the heat – plus you want to have the windows open so you can listen to the blissful sound of rain falling – and WE ARE NOT HEATING THE WHOLE OUTDOORS!  (Sorry, my mother just made an appearance.)

Not only do we want to hear the rain, we are actually having some thunder!

This is a real rarity; and to be enjoyed by folks like me who come from the Midwest and miss thunder storms so much.

The cats don’t want to yell at us though, because open windows means access to all the interesting sounds and smells of the rest of the world.

This is as close to having seasons as we get here; and I’m going to enjoy it.

So the cats are curled up tight into warm balls of fur – probably dreaming of days ahead when the wall registers are warm and snuggly.  And suddenly the idea of baking something sounds like a really good idea.

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