Well, actually, I did just throw up in my mouth a little bit when I saw this article.

Oh boy, we now have a whole group of “Fat Concern Trolls,” getting together to help fatties like me to live with our chronic “disease” of obesity.

Let me make this clear – FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

Is obesity a chronic disease?  I don’t think so, but I’d actually be okay with this categorization if it meant that discrimination against fat people could be ended.  Unfortunately, it mostly adds credence to the folks who want to “cure” fatness.  That’s like trying to “cure” tallness, or shortness, or having brown eyes.

This group claims that their National Obesity Care Week (“NOCW”) is a campaign to advance a

[C]omprehensive, compassionate and personalized approach to treating obesity as a disease.

Uh uh.

Since, there is NO KNOWN METHOD for long term significant weight reduction for MOST people, I assume this treatment must be not weight focused but health focused.

That would make me very happy.  There is a lot of science out there that tells us that there are ways to improve your health without achieving weight loss.  In fact, focusing on weight loss is actually detrimental to the process – because once the weight loss stops (and it ALWAYS stops) the participants tend to stop participating in the otherwise healthful actions.

You see, healthy behavior is GOOD FOR EVERY BODY.  It doesn’t matter what you weigh when you start; and it doesn’t matter what you weigh while you’re doing it, and healthy behavior doesn’t have an end goal.


And I want to be clear here.  Nobody has a duty to do anything with their own body.  If you choose not to engage in any given behavior – no problem.  You do not have a “duty” to be (or be perceived as) healthy, good looking, or anything else.  As Regan Chastain puts it, “You are the boss of your own underpants,” and I’ll add – you are the boss of what those underpants contain.  I am saying that if you choose to engage in behavior that will enhance your own health, the outcomes will be better if health is your focus, not weight.

The article also claims:

Nearly half of people affected by obesity say they have not been advised by a physician about maintaining a healthy weight, according to the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

I read this and my first reaction was to call BULLSHIT.  Turns out I was right.

The study they are referring to does not say that.

First, the study is a small (1,100 participants) phone survey; and the data can be found here: and

The question, it seems, is what do you mean by “affected” by obesity?

I would say, that would be someone who is obese.  The study’s chart shows that almost 70% of the obese participants (25% of the study participants) were advised on maintaining a healthy weight, and 80% of those participants were advised about the “risks” of being overweight/obese.

Apparently, this group believes that people “affected by obesity” means everyone.

And in case, you weren’t sure that these people don’t get it :

[A]ccording to patient advocate Michelle Vicari, “Many individuals living with obesity may avoid seeking medical care because they feel alienated and uncomfortable. Finding a doctor who is engaging, compassionate and committed to working with patients to develop a comprehensive weight-loss plan can be life-changing.”

Yes, fat people do feel alienated and uncomfortable seeking medical care.  That’s because they are they are often treated with disrespect and sometimes outright cruelty.  And a comprehensive weight-loss plan would be life-changing – IF IT EXISTED!!!!

Basically, what this group is really concerned with is trying to funnel more money into methods of “dealing” with fat people that are not helpful – things that are focused on weight loss rather than health.

Also, NAAFA (National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance) has said


This is a perfect example.  All these people going to “help” us poor, helpless fatties, without asking us what would help.  You know, like Microsoft programs “help” you do what you want to do, without having a concept of what you actually are doing.

Please, for the love of whatever you hold holy,


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