All over the news today.  A kid brings a digital clock he made himself to school and ends up taken away from the school in handcuffs and suspended for 3 days.


Apparently, an English teacher at the school decided the homemade clock looked like a bomb.


Except it wasn’t a bomb.  It was a clock.  A fucking clock.

The Police, after interrogating the clockmaker, said they didn’t believe the device is dangerous, but it could be mistaken for a FAKE explosive.

Well excuse me, but I don’t see a problem unless the clock could be mistaken for a REAL explosive.

The student, Ahmed Mohamed is also Muslim and is a person of color.  I’m not saying the whole thing started because of profiling, because just looking at the kid, you probably wouldn’t know he was Muslim and had a name that might be considered middle Eastern – but I do the kid’s name and religion entered into why he was lead away in handcuffs, interrogated, and then suspended from school for three days.

Okay.  I guess I can understand a teacher mistaking a digital clock for a bomb.  Let’s just say the teacher was being “over cautious”.  And in an abundance of caution, the teacher took the device from the student and sent him to the principal’s office.

At that point, did it occur to anyone to confirm the device was a fucking clock???

I mean, couldn’t you have done that before you called in the police?  Or if you called the police already (supposing you had a bomb on the premises), couldn’t this have been straightened out without cuffing the kid and taking him away?

I mean, was there no one In the whole of Irving MacArthur High School who could tell the difference between a bomb and a clock?

And after all of this, why is he suspended for three days?  Does Irving MacArthur High School have a zero-tolerance for clocks policy?

Again, I ask: WTF?

All I can say is thank God he didn’t have a baking soda volcano in his backpack!

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