fern river My darling hubby loves trees. They soothe him.

And while the City of San Jose is not a cement jungle, it’s not a forest either. This is why our trip to Glacier, Washington was such a treat for him.

Well, we now have a soothing place to go that is much much closer. Only an hour away in fact.

Felton, California.

Felton is a small town in the Santa Cruz mountains; and they have trees. Lots and lots of trees. Mostly redwood trees, but enough of other types of trees to make it a place of many colors of green – even in this drought we are experiencing.

We stayed at a place called Fern River Resort. Resort is definitely too strong of a word for the place; but we liked it fine. Definitely not fancy; but nice little cabin units with teeny kitchens, and few amenities. The bathroom is indoors (whew); but the shower is just big enough for me to get into and get everything hosed off – barely.

There is a nice deck/porch that overlooks the San Lorenzo River – which is more a creek than a river; and is so overgrown that you can’t really see it – unless you walk down to the end of the property where you can catch a glimpse through the foliage, but the sound of the water moving over the stones is constant and pleasant. And no matter what, I love a porch. Just sit out there with my Kindle and a cup of coffee and watch the world go by. Ahhhhh.

Henry Cowell Redwood State Park is just down the road, and Bill spent a couple hours exploring that – surrounded by the aforementioned redwood trees. Also, Roaring Camp is nearby with its narrow-gauge train that hauls tourists through the redwood forest. We got to hear the train’s steam whistle all day, which we like; and somewhere near Fern River Resort is a trumpeter who was practicing on Friday and Saturday – a really good trumpeter – so that was a treat too.

Unfortunately, it seems a lot of ass-hats go to Fern River Resort because there is a distinctly adversarial tone coming from the property owners (?) / managers. Basically there are stickers and signs everywhere, advising you that if you do any of the listed stupid things and damage the property and/or its furnishings you will get billed for it – not just billed, but the exact cost for each infraction. For example, on the back of the TV remote (which is permanently hooked to a large dresser, has a label telling you what you will be billed if you break it ($30), cut the cable ($20), remove the batteries ($20), etc. You know this shit happens a lot if they have it down so such an exact science of what to bill for each type of damage. Imagine my chagrin when I had to go to the office to tell them that their precious remote had stopped working. Turned out just to be the batteries needed to be replaced; and the guy was thrilled that we hadn’t tried to remedy the problem ourselves or broke the remote in our frustration, etc. Gee whiz.

I guess they liked us pretty well. Because on Saturday, one of the owners/managers came by and invited us to his daughter’s 30th birthday party at the end of the property! We didn’t go, but how nice to be invited.

So it’s good to have a nice place to go to when our minds need soothing without making a huge trip out of it. I can see us going up there now and then; and we can recommend it to you, if you’re in the San Jose area – just do us a favor and don’t break anything while you’re there, okay – or if you do, don’t tell them we sent you.

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