4007 Gold Run(The neighbor’s house)

The place that’s kitty-corner from our little house just sold after 1 weekend of open house.

They were asking $425,000, and I’m guessing by how quick it sold, they got their asking price.

Holy crap.

Our place is the exact same layout. The house (like ours) is 875 square feet (not counting the 2-car garage), with an itty-bitty patio area; 2 bedrooms – sort of – we use one of the “bedrooms” as a den, as it has a double-wide door opening right up onto the living room as well as a regular door to the hall (although on the house that sold, I see they walled off the living room door); and 2 baths – neither of which could be called spacious. There is a (not huge) walk-in closet and the kitchen is teeny.

The houses here are “cluster homes” – 6 houses built in a semi-circle, with the only shared wall being one in each garage, and are (technically) considered condominiums.

Upside is the HOA pays for all maintenance (including replacement if necessary ) of the roof, the exterior of the units, all landscaping, gardening (except on the patio), and the interior plumbing! But it also means you have an HOA fee every month, along with your mortgage payment.

Welcome to California, y’all, where 875 square feet goes for $425,000!

I repeat, holy crap.

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