raggedy ann flash


A while back, I did a blog that every body is a good body.

I got a job offer from that blog post! I was asked:

Would you be interested in working at


Um. No. Thanks.


I did go to the site and it’s what you’d expect.


Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against whatever blows your skirt up (or pulls your pants down) as long as it involves consenting adults and playing safe. Get on with your bad self.


And I don’t have a problem (mostly) with my body or letting others see it. I grew up in the theater and you get pretty matter of fact about bodies. And, there was a time, in my misspent youth, I might have investigated the offer further. (Who am I kidding? I would have soooo been looking into it!)


But married 18 years and 60, I just feel my days of being a “festish girl” are behind me.


I am sure there are folks who might be titillated by this fat old lady doing whatever. Sorry to disappoint; but live with it.  That is my final answer.


I did tell my husband about the offer. His response was, “What do they pay?”


That’s my honey.

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