Actually, I do know better.

What do I know better, you may well ask.

I know better than to put off doing what I know has to get done unless I want my life to be a living hell tomorrow.  In this case, getting everything ready for the conference I am running registration for starting tomorrow evening.

And yet.  Here I sit.  Playing games on Pogo, on Facebook and writing a blog.

For fuck’s sake.  I have dishes to do.  I have to pack clothes, drugs, makeup.  I have to put together the office supplies I’ll need, not to mention putting the badges together and labeling envelopes.

And yet, I’m still typing.  What is the matter with me?

I know I will regret this (a lot) tomorrow; but right now, I just can’t.  I’ve had a long day.

I’ve been told I have chondromalacia in my knee – it means the cartilage between my kneecap and my femur has eroded, plus I have some osteoarthritis there, and part of my meniscus is frayed.  I’ve never had knee trouble before.  Well I feel like I hit the fucking jackpot.  And there’s not a whole lot to be done besides ice, cortisone shots, and physical therapy.

Did I mention the cortisone shot gave me diarrhea?  Really bad diarrhea?

So I am being a big spoiled baby and not facing up to my responsibilities and duties just now.

The knee stuff isn’t that bad, I know.  I’ll put it into perspective tomorrow, okay?  I’ll put it in perspective as I run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to pack and get organized and mostly cursing myself for not doing more yesterday.

The good news is, I have the vocabulary to do a great job cursing myself out.

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