So, for vaccinated folks, masks have become optional.

I say optional, because, like me, a lot of vaccinated folks are not ready to give up the mask. 

Put simply, I there are a lot of the people who have chosen to be unvaccinated who, for one reason or other, may choose to not honor the “honor system” of the mask; i.e., to keep wearing a mask if you are unvaccinated. 

This issue may, actually, be moot for vaccinated people because more and more research is showing that being fully vaccinated protects you from COVID (and its variants) and if you are vaccinated, you are unlikely to be spreading the virus.  So, you are not a danger to others and others are not a danger to you.

The only people ostensibly still in danger and a danger to others are the unvaccinated. 

Still, we are told that vaccinated or not, you should wear your mask in places where humans are crowded together – like public transportation or indoor events. 

Theater is a very intimate procedure.  Casts are in close proximity to each other on and offstage.  Audiences are in close proximity to each other.  The orchestra is in close proximity to each other. 

I’m thrilled that we are moving out of this horrible pandemic.  But I am going to be moving slowly (and not just because I’m a fat old lady).  I’m going to be keeping my eye on the statistics to see what develops as we begin to unmask. 

I am not here to tell anyone what choices they should make. 

I’m just sharing this fat old lady’s thoughts, because that is, after all, the purpose of this blog. 

So for those who are ready to move forward faster than I, I wish you only well and hope that I can join you as soon as I am ready and able.

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