First, before anyone gets their panties in a twist, this is not about politics.  This is about our government as a whole.

The news keeps telling us that we are in the middle of a pandemic because of COVID-19.


But what I am also seeing is the inability (at least in the US) for adequate testing for the virus.


I did a Google search on “Why aren’t there enough test kits for the corona virus”

And found this:

Why has the CDC done more corona virus testing

Very interesting.

Very disheartening.

Why does the CDC need to develop their own test when there are perfectly fine tests being used in other countries?

And then the CDC develops its own test and fucks it up.


Again, there are tests available in other countries.

For its own reasons, one of which may be the lack of testing kits, the CDC is strictly limiting who gets tested.

I can understand this is necessary because of the lack of testing kits.

I cannot understand the lack of testing kits.

We are the fucking US of fucking A – and we can’t get enough testing kits?

We can’t put enough people to work processing the tests?

You can’t tell how bad a viral outbreak is if you don’t know how many cases of the disease are out there.

For example – we have had cruise ships that are not allowed to come into port because they have at least one case of COVID-19 on board.

What this means is we are putting the thousands of other people on board at risk of a deadly, highly contagious virus by sequestering them on the ship.

If we had sufficient test kits, it seems to me, we could test people and get the uninfected folks off the ship – tell them they have to self-quarantine for however long at home.  And the people who test positive can get medical help or at least be quarantined somewhere.

Instead, we have chosen to take the folks off the ship and quarantine them somewhere else – all you have done is moved the problem.  You are still putting healthy people at risk by making them live with possibly infected people.


A bunch of folks at a nursing home are dead.

Part of New Rochelle is now quarantined because of an outbreak.

What if you tested these people at the first sign of trouble and moved the uninfected away from the infected?

It’s clear the proverbial cat is out of the proverbial bag as far as keeping COVID-19 out of the US.  It’s here.  It’s nasty.

The good news?  It’s not as deadly as the influenza viruses that come around every year.

The bad news?  Unlike the influenza viruses, there is no vaccine.  There isn’t even an effective treatment – you just treat the symptoms and hope for the best.

Another bit of good news?  A lot of people who catch this won’t get all that sick.

The bad news?  Because of lack of testing, we won’t know how many people are walking around, feeling pretty much okay, who are contagious.  And this little fucker is really contagious.

Oh also – may I suggest this is not the best time to be conducting the census – having people going door to door throughout the US.

Just saying.



  1. That is so frustrating! I haven’t been keeping up to date with developments in your country, although I have read about the overall information. How will your less advantaged people cope if they can’t work? Our government has confirmed they’ll give statutory sick pay for those not entitled from day one. Standard is from day four. So for once our government is not penalising the poor.
    Hope you and yours do not fall victim to this virus.

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