When I read the little blurb on BookBub for this book, I was instantly intrigued.  Using the premise of Stepford Wives as a jumping off point – this book takes you on a real rollercoaster of a ride. 

This is Stepford Wives from the viewpoint of a robot (or womanoid), who is starting to realize that cleaning houses, shopping and keeping her husband sexually satisfied isn’t the be all end all of existence and her love of her fish Oscar.

Cookie (our hero) finds herself in the middle of a revolution.  She is struggling to understand herself, her problems and her life and is questioning everything, including who is actually leading this revolution and what is the (real) agenda. 

I really didn’t expect to like this so much.  I thought it would be a good humored poke at Stepford Wives, but it is a whole lot more than that. 

It’s the first in the series, but I think it would help to have either read Stepford Wives or at least seen the movie. You can probably read this without that but I think you’ll appreciate the book a lot more if you get that little pre-quel info out of the way.

Not for the kiddies. Lots of adult language and violence; and a little bit of gratuitous sex just because I think all publishers believe that you have to have some gratuitous sex if you’re going to sell books – especially sci-fi books.

Ava Lock has written more in the series, but I’m not sure I want to press my luck and read on; maybe I’ll just call it good with this one. 

Oh what the hell – I just read the blurb on Beta Bots and I’m in.  I even pre-ordered Gamma Bots.

What can I say, I need to know what happens to Cookie Rifken AI womanoid extraordinaire! 

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