Generally, I give great advice. 

No doubt because I’ve lived so very long; and it helps that I sometimes even paid attention.

But I have to tell you there is a sweet mix of pride in great advice given and feeling purely dumb shit stupid when I take my own advice – finally – and it turns out to be great advice.

So why didn’t I act on my own advice earlier?  It’s a mystery.

I have told my sister Linda, repeatedly, that she should find some groups to participate in.  Meet some new people, and, as my Grandma Harris so wisely and succinctly put it, “Get out and blow the stink off of you.”

Linda has steadfastly ignored this excellent advice.  And admittedly, so have I!

Well, not totally, I did sign up to get the senior newsletters for both Saginaw and Midland; and I have been tracking the shows and auditions for the three local theater groups.

Recently, I discovered a senior performing group.  I contacted them and asked if I might join.  I went to a rehearsal and I am now a part of this group. 

In doing this, I am ignoring the most excellent advice I once got from my friend Vickie Strong – If you go to an audition and you are the best person there, leave. 

This group is not great.  They are not even good.  But they are a bunch of nice people – of vastly varying talents.  Bless their hearts. 

But you know what?  I haven’t sung regularly for about 3 years and I can’t vouch for my own level of competence.  So this is kind of perfect for me right now. 

And, not only am I able to sing for a couple of hours each week; I have found an accompanist to work repertoire. The group’s accompanist was there today – and she’s great, and she is willing to work with me on some repertoire! 

So just by taking my own advice, I have greatly improved the quality of my life here in Michigan.  I am, indeed, getting some of the stink blown off of me! 

And I feel very smart and very foolish at the same time.



  1. I’ve never known what it’s to be the best at an audition. As a rule, if I’m invited to callbacks the director will preface the proceedings by asking all present to drag in any ambulatory males they know, theatrical experience or not.

  2. Never, in nearly 70 years if being in & around the industry, have I ever heard that pearl of
    theatrical wisdom. Thank you for passing it along.

    Actually, you’re doing something for the people in the group: since you ARE the best who
    auditioned, it will light a fire under some of those folks & spur them on to up their game
    just to try to catch up to you (fat chance of that).

  3. Isn’t that great advice? The people are all so very nice and welcoming; and they are doing me a goodness by giving me a safe place to get my voice in shape.

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